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Saundrya Krishna

Managing Director
Faculty - English

Saundrya Krishna, an MA in English, is a fantastic Blog writer and a Fluent Speaker of English. Beyond shadow of a doubt she is having unparalleled command on Reading Comprehension and Sentence Formation, two most important area of CLAT English Syllabus. Her distinguished knowledge of Basic Grammar is the backbone which makes her an amazing faculty of English and a distinguished content writer. She teaches English not to earn means of Livelihood but just to live her passion. She is passionate enough to motivate students and help them in order to convert their dream and desire in concrete reality. She has been instrumental and worked as catalyst in shaping CLAT FOCUS Tutorials as one of the leading brand in the arena of Law Entrance Exams.

In the period of last 2 years itself she has prepared many Books and Modules for Law Entrance Exams. Her expertise as a study Contnet writer of English for CLAT makes her the most popular persona of the institute.

She is an Enthusiastic Blogger and a Great Reader at the same time which makes her enable to be aware about happenings around the world which leads to quality delivery in the classroom. Her vast knowledge of voabulary helps the Students to understand all sentences in its appropriate meaning.


Saundrya Krishna
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