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CLAT FOCUS Toppers with Neeraj sir

CLAT FOCUS Tutorials is the brainchild of young and dynamic Neeraj Kumar. A Law Scholar from Chanakya National Law University aspires to provide end-to-end training to his students for CLAT and other law entrance examinations. Presently CLAT Focus Tutorials is running its centre in Patna (Kankarbagh and Boring Road). He had left no stone unturned in his experience of 10 years of teaching and transformed more than 2000 students from a law aspirant to the proud law student. The institute has been the source of motivation and knowledge for its students and provided elite education in the domain of law entrance. The institute is also known for its equilibrium of quality and reasonability of fees.

Our Institution's work of imparting education is more a mission and vocation than a profession or business.
Like other Institutions, our purpose is not to establish an industry where we can exploit the careers of students rather our purpose is to provide quality education with an effective plan. The welfare of the students is of Paramount consideration for our institution. Nowadays educational institutions are considered as an industry because of their changed status and mode of imparting education. "Quality of educational institutions starts from the prospectus of such institutions that comes to an end with its delivery in the classroom". Now people have lost faith in the educational institutions of our country. We have designed our classroom programme taking into consideration the interest of the youth since there are many institutions which are charging a hefty sum of money and taking undue advantage of their establishment and trade mark. Students are getting frustrated after joining such institutions, taking note of such issues, we aim to solve this problem for students through our classroom programme and to change the perception of people regarding educational institutions.

It has been a glorious journey of 10 years of CLAT FOCUS Tutorials where we were able to achieve our vision and produce AIR-4, 7. 9, 11, and 15 in CLAT. It is just the beginning and now our vision is to get at least 25 ranks from our institute under the top 100 in CLAT.

CLAT FOCUS Tutorials is an institute run and managed by Neeraj Kumar who is a scholor of Chanakya National Law University. Objective behind founding the institution was to transform Aspirants dream in reality who wants to pursue Law as a career.

"Our work of imparting education is more a mission and vocation than a profession or business." The interest of the student is the paramount consideration for us. Our purpose is not just to teach students rather make them aware about a best career option for them and steps by which they can achieve that.

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