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Important Current Affairs for CLAT-12th September 2023

Indian Navy, Uber Team Up For Private Travel Of Naval Personnel, Families

The Indian Navy has taken a significant step towards enhancing the travel experience of its personnel and their families by collaborating with Uber, a leading global cab aggregator service. The Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) was signed in the presence of Navy Chief Admiral R Hari Kumar and senior officials from Uber, marking a milestone in providing reliable, convenient, safe, and economical mobility solutions for naval personnel and their families across the country.

A Shared Vision for Enhanced Mobility

The core objective of this collaboration is to offer a comprehensive range of benefits to Indian Navy personnel, aligning with the Chief of Naval Staff’s vision of ensuring “happy personnel” under the ‘SHIPS FIRST‘ initiative. This partnership is also in line with the Government of India’s ambitious ‘Digital India’ vision, which emphasizes the transformative potential of technology.

Personalized Profiles on the Uber App

One of the key advantages for naval personnel and their families will be the ability to create personalized profiles on the Uber app. This feature will allow them to tailor their preferences and travel requirements, ensuring a seamless and customized experience.

Surge Price Protection during Peak Office Hours

Uber’s premier executive cab category will extend surge price protection during peak office hours. This ensures that naval personnel can commute without the worry of steep price surges during busy times, contributing to a more economical and stress-free travel experience.

Access to Top-Rated Drivers

Safety is a paramount concern, and the collaboration aims to provide access to top-rated drivers. This commitment to quality ensures that naval personnel and their families can rely on experienced and reputable drivers for their journeys.

Zero Cancellation Fees

Uber will eliminate cancellation fees for all rides taken by Indian Navy personnel. This policy ensures flexibility in travel plans and eliminates financial penalties in case of unexpected changes, further enhancing the convenience of the service.

24×7 Premium Business Support

A significant aspect of this partnership is the provision of 24×7 premium business support. This support system will address any issues or concerns promptly, ensuring that naval personnel and their families receive top-notch customer service at all times.

A Maiden Initiative in the Armed Forces

The collaboration between the Indian Navy and Uber marks a historic moment as it becomes the first-of-its-kind initiative in the Indian armed forces. This pioneering effort reflects the Navy’s commitment to ensuring the well-being and convenience of its personnel.

Shanti Swarup Bhatnagar Prize 2022 Winners Name

Council of Scientific and Industrial Research (CSIR) has publicised the list of awardees for the Shanti Swarup Bhatnagar (SSB) awards for 2022, considered among the prestigious prizes for science in India. After an unexplained delay of nearly a year in the announcement always made on September 26, the CSIR’s foundation day. The CSIR had announced the Bhatnagar winners for 2021 nearly two years ago.

All the 12 winners for 2022 are men just as they were for 2021. The 2020 winners had included two women scientists.

About the award Shanti Swarup Bhatnagar (SSB) awards

The Bhatnagar prizes are named after S.S. Bhatnagar, who was the CSIR’s first director general from 1942 to 1954. The SSB Prize, instituted in the memory of the first Director General of the CSIR, is usually announced on the foundation day of the institution on September 26. Bhatnagar Award, each of the value of Rupees five lakh, are awarded annually for notable and outstanding research, applied or fundamental, in the following disciplines:

  • Biological Sciences: This is jointly awarded to Dr. Ashwani Kumar of CSIR-Institute of Microbial Technology and Dr. Maddika Subba Reddy of Centre for DNA Fingerprinting Diagnostics

  • Chemical Sciences: This is jointly awarded to Dr. Akkattu T Biju of the Indian Institute of Science and Dr. Debabrata Maiti of the Indian Institute of Technology (Bombay)

  • Earth, Atmosphere and Planetary Sciences: This is awarded to Dr. Vimal Mishra of the Indian Institute of Technology (Gandhinagar)

  • Engineering Sciences: This is jointly awarded to Dr. Dipti Ranjan Sahoo of the Indian Institute of Technology (Delhi) and Dr. Rajnish Kumar of the Indian Institute of Technology (Madras)

  • Mathematical Sciences: This jointly awarded to Dr. Apoorva Khare of the Indian Institute of Science and Dr. Neeraj Kayal of Microsoft Research Lab

  • Medical Sciences: This is awarded to Dr. Dipyaman Ganguli of CSIR- Indian Institute of Chemical Biology

  • Physical Sciences: This is jointly awarded to Dr. Anindya Das of the Indian Institute of Science and Dr. Basudeb Dasgupta of Physics Tata Institute of Fundamental Research.

United States City Louisville Declares September 3rd As Sanatana Dharma Day

Mayor Craig Greenberg has declared September 3 as Sanatana Dharma Day in Louisville, Kentucky in the United States emphasizing the significance of fostering peace, tolerance, and understanding within diverse communities.

Mayor Craig Greenberg’s Participation in Hindu Temple Re-consecration Ceremony Draws Spiritual Leaders and Dignitaries

Louisville Mayor Craig Greenberg recently attended a re-consecration ceremony or ‘Mahakumbh Abhishekam’ at the Hindu Temple of Kentucky, where the official proclamation on September 3 was read by his deputy, Barbara Sexton Smith. The event was attended by several spiritual leaders and dignitaries including Chidanand Saraswati, president of Parmarth Niketan, Rishikesh, Sri Sri Ravi Shankar and Bhagawati Saraswati along with Lieutenant governor Jacqueline Coleman, deputy chief of staff Keisha Dorsey, among others.

Previously, July 20 was declared as ‘Encyclopedia of Hinduism’ day in Kentucky by former Louisville mayor Greg Fisher.

Mayor Greenberg on X

“I was honored to attend the Mahakumbhabhishekam ceremony at the Hindu Temple. The rituals performed to renew and restore the temple hold great cultural importance. Our office has officially declared September 3rd as ‘Sanatana Dharma Day’,” Mayor Greenberg wrote on X (formerly Twitter)

Sanatana Dharma: A Spiritual Tradition

Sanatana Dharma, often referred to as Hinduism, is one of the world’s oldest spiritual traditions. Rooted in ancient scriptures and philosophical principles, it encompasses a diverse range of beliefs, practices, and rituals. For millions of people worldwide, Sanatana Dharma is a way of life that fosters spiritual growth, compassion, and respect for all living beings.

North Korea Launches New ‘Tactical Nuclear Attack Submarine

North Korea has made headlines by launching its first operational “tactical nuclear attack submarine,” designated Submarine No. 841 and named Hero Kim Kun Ok, an ex-commander of the North Korean navy. The launch ceremony took place with North Korean leader Kim Jong Un in attendance, where he highlighted the significance of this new addition to their naval force.

A Modified Soviet-Era Submarine

Analysts believe that Submarine No. 841 is a modified version of the Soviet-era Romeo-class submarine, which North Korea acquired from China in the 1970s and later began producing domestically. Its design features 10 launch tube hatches, indicating that it is likely armed with ballistic missiles and cruise missiles. Nevertheless, concerns arise regarding the submarine’s effectiveness in modern warfare due to its age, noise level, slower speed, and limited range.

Understanding the “Tactical” Designation

The designation of Submarine No. 841 as a “tactical” submarine suggests that it may not carry submarine-launched ballistic missiles (SLBM) capable of reaching the U.S. mainland. Instead, it likely carries smaller, short-range SLBMs or submarine-launched cruise missiles (SLCM) with the ability to strike regional targets such as South Korea and Japan. The expanded rear of the submarine’s sail and the installation of 10 vertical launch tubes, including both large and small ones, indicate its capacity for launching SLBMs and SLCMs.

A Growing Submarine Fleet

North Korea’s submarine fleet includes around 20 Romeo-class submarines, which are powered by diesel-electric engines and considered obsolete by modern standards. While North Korea has shown its commitment to enhancing its naval capabilities over the years, only one experimental ballistic missile submarine, the 8.24 Yongung (August 24th Hero), is known to have fired a missile.

Thomas Cook India Partners With National Payments Corporation Of India

Thomas Cook (India) Limited, India’s leading omnichannel forex services company, has entered into a groundbreaking partnership with the National Payments Corporation of India (NPCI) to introduce a pioneering RuPay prepaid forex card tailored for Indian travelers visiting the United Arab Emirates (UAE). This significant technological endeavor is being enabled by NPCI Certified Partner, CARD91.

Revolutionizing Travel Currency with RuPay

The strategic alliance between Thomas Cook and RuPay harnesses the vast potential of NPCI’s global card payment network of India. This initiative resonates with the “Made in India” ethos, offering comprehensive international payment solutions for Indian travelers venturing overseas.

UAE: The Pilot Destination

The Thomas Cook and RuPay forex card partnership has embarked on its journey with the UAE as its inaugural destination. The rollout plan encompasses a phased approach, with the first phase featuring the RuPay card loaded in UAE Dirhams (AED). This arrangement offers extensive usability across the UAE, catering to a wide range of transactions and ATM withdrawals. The card comes packed with a multitude of benefits, including:

Thomas Cook Travel Vouchers Worth Rs 13,900: Enhancing the travel experience for cardholders. Lounge Access at International Airports in India: Adding comfort and convenience to the pre-flight experience. Free ATM Withdrawal (in UAE): Eliminating the hassle of foreign exchange. Free Replacement on Loss of Card: Ensuring peace of mind for travelers. Complimentary Insurance Cover Up to Rs 7,50,000.00: Providing financial security. 50 Percent Off on Unique Photographic Experiences at Dubai’s Top Attractions, by Digiphoto Entertainment Imaging (DEI): Enhancing the tourist experience. KrisFlyer Miles on Every Forex Purchase: Rewarding cardholders for their spending.

NPCI’s Appreciation for the Innovative RuPay Prepaid Forex Card

National Payments Corporation of India (NPCI) expressed its gratitude to partners Thomas Cook and Card91 for their collaborative efforts in crafting and developing this rewarding card. This innovative RuPay prepaid forex card promises to simplify financial transactions for Indian travelers in the UAE and sets the stage for further expansion into global markets, enhancing the overall travel experience for customers. With a strong focus on convenience, security, and rewards, this card exemplifies the evolution of travel currency solutions in the modern age.

UK Commits $2 Billion to UN-Backed Climate Fund

In a significant announcement at the G20 Leaders Summit held in New Delhi, Prime Minister Rishi Sunak declared that the United Kingdom would allocate $2 billion to the Green Climate Fund (GCF). This commitment marks the largest single funding pledge made by the UK to address global climate change challenges, according to an official government statement.

Empowering Developing Nations

The Green Climate Fund (GCF), recognized as the world’s largest fund of its kind, was established within the framework of United Nations’ climate change negotiations. Its primary objective is to facilitate the flow of essential financial resources to aid developing countries in their efforts to achieve various climate-related goals. These goals encompass reducing carbon emissions, promoting cleaner energy sources, and adapting to the consequences of a warming planet.

A Robust Commitment to Climate Finance

The UK has undertaken a comprehensive commitment to international climate finance, pledging a total of £11.6 billion (equivalent to $14.46 billion) for the period spanning from 2021 to 2026. Significantly, Prime Minister Sunak’s latest announcement represents a notable 12.7% increase compared to the UK’s previous contribution to the GCF for the period from 2020 to 2023, underscoring the nation’s commitment to addressing climate change on a global scale.

Clarification Amidst Speculation

Amidst earlier reports suggesting a potential retraction of the UK’s flagship climate funding pledge, the government firmly refuted these claims. It was calculated by government officials that allocating 83% of the total aid budget to the international climate fund would be necessary to meet the ambitious £11.6 billion target by 2026.

Global Cooperation for Climate Solutions

The Group of 20 nations, as part of their collective declaration at the summit, reaffirmed their dedication to scaling up sustainable finance. This commitment aims to assist developing countries in their efforts to reduce carbon emissions and minimize their environmental impact. The declaration highlighted a staggering requirement of $5.8-5.9 trillion by developing nations before 2030, with a specific focus on meeting their emission reduction targets.

Tamil Nadu govt to launch scheme granting monthly aid to over 1 crore women

In a groundbreaking move, the Tamil Nadu government is all set to launch the Kalaignar Magalir Urimai Thogai Thittam, the largest social welfare initiative aimed at providing monthly financial assistance. This scheme is set to benefit over 1.06 crore eligible women who are the heads of their families.

Direct Bank Transfers and ATM Cards

Under this scheme, eligible beneficiaries will receive a monthly sum of Rs 1,000. This financial aid will be directly transferred into the bank accounts of the beneficiaries. To facilitate easy access to the funds, ATM cards will be issued to the eligible women, allowing them to withdraw the allocated amount as needed.

Chief Minister’s Announcement

Chief Minister M K Stalin officially announced this significant initiative on September 11. He highlighted the direct transfer of funds into beneficiaries’ bank accounts and the provision of ATM cards as key features of the program. The launch of the scheme is scheduled for September 15, coinciding with the birth anniversary of former Chief Minister C N Annadurai.

Monitoring and Implementation

In a virtual review of the scheme, Chief Minister M K Stalin emphasized the importance of effective implementation. He directed Chief Secretary Shiv Das Meena to instruct district collectors to closely monitor the execution of the Kalaignar Magalir Urimai Thogai Thittam to ensure that it reaches its intended recipients efficiently.

Communication with Beneficiaries

To keep beneficiaries informed and updated about the scheme, the government will utilize SMS notifications, ensuring that the eligible women receive timely information about the program and any relevant updates.

Application Acceptance

Out of the approximately 1.63 crore applications received for the scheme, a total of 1.06 crore have been accepted, as confirmed by the chief minister. This reflects the significant reach and impact of the Kalaignar Magalir Urimai Thogai Thittam in supporting women family heads across Tamil Nadu.


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